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Rua S.João Eudes, nº23 ~ Lomba D'Égua
2495-630 Fátima ~ Portugal

Wine, Meat, Fish, Good Starters, Snacks Delicious, Family Room, Good Food, O Crispim, Fátima - Portugal



Bread and olives
Entries dish (several cheeses and sausages |rice and grilled sausage)
Melon with ham
Fresh cheese
Ripe cheese


"Lagareiro" codfish (grilled with punched potatoes and migas)
Squids "Espetada" (brochette)
Fresh Fish "Espetada" (brochette)
Big Sea bass
Sea bass
Sea bream
Fish "Feijoada"
Fish noodles
Tiger Schrimp


Veal Chop Mirandesa
Veal Medallions Mirandesa
Veal loins
Roast Beef (sirloin)
Beef Spare Ribs
Black Pork Presa
Black Pork Strips
Pork steak
Pork Spare Ribs
Lamb Chops
Mixed "Espetada" (brochette) (pork and beef)
Pork loins with schrimp “Espetada” (brochette)
Spare ribs "Friginada" (a white garlic marinade, fried on a claypan)


Pigeon soup
Goatmeat kid à padeiro
Roast Lamb
Partridge with cabbage
Wild rabbit with rice or potatoe
Lamb stew with potatoes
Chícharos with codfish (in the oven)
Rooster with cabbage
Monkfish rice
Codfish noodles
Fish in the oven
Grilled Sardines

NOTE: To order these or other typical dishes that are not on this list, please contact us in advance.