Closed on Mondays at dinner time and Tuesdays all day

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Rua S.João Eudes, nº23 ~ Lomba D'Égua
2495-630 Fátima ~ Portugal

Wine, Family Room, Good Food, O Crispim, Fátima - Portugal

The Restaurant


A place with history in Fátima ..

Initially it was established as a small grocery store where sometimes, and after their hunts, José Crispim met friends for snacking what had succeeded to hunt and gradually other friends would come for the snacks and the space was gaining notoriety locally and beyond.

With that recognition, on August 19th of 1968, José Crispim and Julia Inácia opened this space as a restaurant, and in May 1983 changed its location. On April 17th of 1988, José Crispim Vieira (son of José Crispim) decides to reopen the first space, along with his wife Ana Maria.

Petisqueira the Crispim was the name chosen, because it was initially a home essentially sought for its snacks and the grilled meats.

Over the years O Crispim was evolving and responding to the demand of its customers. We have created a new room that can host groups up to 30 people and we have improved the terrace that invites for a leisurely meal in warmer weather conditions.

The restaurant consists of 3 small rooms with a total capacity of about 90 people, and with the fires lit (on the coldest days) have a more the environment. It feels like home. In summer the capacity reaches 140 seats due to the use of our sheltered terrace.

Despite its 45 years of existence in O Crispim we always try to keep the same concept of quality on the dishes, offering freshly prepared fresh products, and so our grilled over coals are a benchmark in the region. Besides the dishes available on the menu of the day our guests can opt for other suggestions of dishes, by simply contacting us in advance.

During the meal we invite you to taste the wine produced by us here in the region, and in the end finish the meal with a golden key and delight with our digestives, also homemade. We offer: Cerise, Sultry, Port Wine and Brandy.

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